3 Important Questions About Dental Bonding

3 Important Questions About Dental Bonding

Discoloration of teeth and gaps between the teeth can actually affect the overall appearance of your smile. When you wish to obtain perfect tooth appearance for a healthy smile, bonding can be helpful. It is an advance dental treatment that can cover any imperfection that exists in tooth. This is done through tooth-colored resin which could mimic the existing teeth for natural appearance.

There are many questions which arise in the mind of patient before obtaining bonding and answers for some of them are:

1. Why you need dental bonding

Dental bonding can be used to achieve the following:

  • Mask tooth discoloration
  • Fill cavities
  • Fill Gaps
  • Cover up cracks and chips
  • Alter the shape of the tooth
  • Enlarging the tooth to match the existing tooth
  • Covering the tooth roots which has been exposed due to gum recession

2. Who qualifies for dental bonding?

Only a suitable candidate can get better results of bonding and thus it is important to know about it. The result of this procedure is similar for all patients. It is a cost-effective and temporary solution. The patient must enquire an expert for dental bonding procedure before obtaining it.

3. How is dental bonding done?

So as to ensure better results from Dental Bonding, a dentist will first enquire about the objective that a patient wishes to achieve with bonding. He can further illustrate the complete procedure for better understanding of the patient.

Now, the procedure will begin with an examination of the teeth and gum. After which a patient will be prepared for the procedure. Further depending on the condition, it will be decided that when to start the procedure.

On the day of the procedure, the tooth will be made rough with instrument and a conditioning fluid will be applied to it. Now several layers of bonding material will be added. This will be done until proper shape and size are achieved.

Now, it will be hardened using a high-intensity light. This will strengthen bonding for better appearance.

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