4 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Periodontal Disease

4 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Periodontal Disease

Did you know that periodontal gum disease affects over 64,000,000 Americans? With almost half of the adults in America suffering from periodontal gum disease, it is highly important to be educated about the condition and what exactly you should be doing to avoid it. Today, Pacific Heights Dental Studio is covering the 4 things you don’t want to hear about periodontal disease but need to know, we hope that you learn something new!

Once periodontal disease has advanced, treatment can take a long time.

Did you know that once periodontal gum disease advances it actually cannot be cured, only managed? Once periodontal disease has reached advanced stages, frequent treatment is often required in order to get the condition and symptoms under control while preventing it from advancing any further.

Good gum care should start before teeth ever erupt.

We often get asked by parents when they should begin caring for their child’s smile, we actually recommend caring for it before they ever have one! Using a soft cloth to gently massage and clean your child’s gums can decrease their risk of gum disease later in life and teach them proper dental care from a very early age.

Gum disease impacts more than just your gums.

Did you know that gum disease can impact more than just your gums? As the condition progresses, irreversible damage is done to the gums and other supporting structures in the mouth, including bone. Eventually, most patients begin to experience teeth shifting, loose teeth and even tooth loss.

That blood in your sink probably isn’t from brushing too hard.

Notice a bit of blood when you are brushing or flossing? This is typically the first sign of periodontal gum disease starting, we recommend visiting Pacific Heights Dental Studio for a routine checkup to ensure you aren’t seeing the first signs of gingivitis.

Schedule Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment in San Francisco

Want to make sure you and your loved ones never suffer from periodontal gum disease? Be sure to schedule routine visits with your dentist at Pacific Heights Dental Studio for preventive dental care. By visiting your dentist routinely you can reduce your risk of periodontal gum disease, oral infections and even tooth decay.

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