5 Fridays! 5 Exercises for TMJ Dysfunction

5 Fridays! 5 Exercises for TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction can be one of the most painful experiences you have, and if you want to get rid of this problem, and you are not able to find any kind of solution, do not worry. We have come up with five exercises, if you do them daily, you will get relaxation in your teeth. For the exercise, you need to sit, relax and then start those exercises. Following you will find five exercises for your teeth.

Cervical Retraction: In this method, a person needs to sit comfortably, and then you need push forward your mouth and then back. Every movement is very small and make sure that you do it properly. It has lots of benefits such as the flexibility of neck, strengthens muscle, and so on. It affects the posterior bilaminar zone of the TMJ. If you put your face in all directions and try to align your teeth and if they are not meeting, then this exercise would help the best way.

Mandible protraction: In this exercise, what you need to do is hold the cervical retraction position, and do repeated mandible protection. If your teeth meet in all the directions of the face properly, then you need to protract or retract.

Isometric mandible protraction: If your muscle is held in tonic and tender state, this exercise would help you out. In this exercise, what you need to do is protract the mandible slightly, hold it for 3 – 4 seconds and repeat it as much as possible.

Isometric mandible depression: This exercise helps in relaxing the mandible elevator, which creates most of the problems of tender and trigger point for your mouth. In this exercise, what a patient needs to do is sit straight and then put their fist below the mandible and try to mandible depression for 3-4 seconds.

Functional TMJ Mobilization – example deviation to the right: In this exercise what you need to do is put your right hand on the right inferior mandible, with an open rolling phase of mandible depression pressurize on the left side of the hand.

Above mentioned exercises are important, you need to follow them properly. If you still have doubts then contact the Pacific Heights Dental Studio.

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