5 Myths About the Root Canal

5 Myths About the Root Canal

Doctors may commonly suggest a root canal treatment for eliminating any issues that occurs in root. It may also be suggested in cases of decayed or damage in tooth. People often avoid this treatment because they believe it is extremely painful process but facts are different than myths. When people get it done by an expert dentist at Pacific Heights Dental Studio, better results can be obtained with utmost comfort and safety.

Myths: Root Canals Are Painful

Patients feels that root canal treatment are extremely painful. Expert dentist often numb the area to perform this treatment without any pain. Later necessary medications can be suggested for avoiding pains. When performed with necessary treatments better results without pain can be ensured.

Myths: Root Canals Make You

It is a common misconception that root canal treatment can affect your overall health by creating infection. Facts say that when root canal is performed by an expert dentist with proper care there is no risk of further bacteria or infection. Oral health can be maintained after root canal treatment.

Myths: Root Canals Don’t Last

It is a rumor that even after the root canal treatment, patient may need to go for pulling of their tooth but when proper care after the dental root canal treatment is taken this can be avoided. This is more about the care taken after root canal that can decide the requirement of teeth pulling in future. You may keep visiting Pacific Heights Dental Studio to avoid any such situations.

Myths: It’s Better to Just Get a New Tooth

Patients wish to go for various treatments that could help them obtain new and shiny teeth. One must try to keep their old teeth because they are stronger and better. Rather than going for pulling or tooth extraction, one must try solution that can help restore teeth.

Myths: If Your Tooth Doesn’t Hurt, You Don’t Need a Root Canal

Many times painful teeth experience can help you know that you need root canal but in some cases you may need to get it even when no pain is felt.

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