5 Steps And No Downtime – Dental Filling Procedure

5 Steps And No Downtime – Dental Filling Procedure

Dental filling is commonly obtained procedure for dental issues related to cavities. This is easy and reliable procedure which can be completed in relatively short period of time. This is often provided as per the patient’s conditions. This is procedure which may include five basic steps and this can be as below:

Introduction to the procedure

Before beginning any procedure, the dentist will carefully analyze the condition of the individual patient depending on which dental filling is provided. After this, the dentist will entail the description of the complete procedure to the patient. He will hear to all his queries and will clear all his doubts related to the procedure.

Anesthetic application

Just because this is a procedure which may involve drilling and thus anesthesia is essential in this procedure. Local anesthesia is essential so as to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort while at the time of treatment. It is important to ensure that both the tooth and surrounding area of the mouth is numbed using anesthesia to ensure a comfortable procedure.

Drilling and decay removal

There available an advance water drill option which is better and advanced than conventional drill options. Being an advance procedure it can ensure better decay removal and are less painful. It uses water pressure to wash off the decay portion. Further, the suction tool is used for the removal of debris.

The Filling

Once drilling is completed, the composite material is used to cover the area to fill the tooth. This is done with special equipment that can be used to fill the empty space with filling material.


Later, light intensity instrument is used to harden the material which has been used as a filling. This will provide the right strength and tightness to bond it rightly.

If you are suffering from issues such as cavities or decay, right dental treatment must be obtained without any delay. In such cases, scheduling an appointment with a dentist at the right time to obtain dental filling procedure is essential.

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