5 Tips to Care for Your Oral Health This Christmas

5 Tips to Care for Your Oral Health This Christmas

There is nothing different about caring for your teeth during Christmas. You just need to be more aware and keener on the decisions you make. Here are some tips to help you maintain good oral health:

Maintain Proper Oral Care Routine

It is the Christmas holidays and you may have so much happening around you but you still cannot overlook the need to stick to your oral dental care routine. Be it you are away for vacation or you are hosting family and friends, your oral care routine should not change. Make sure to brush twice a day, floss and rinse your mouth. If you are wearing any orthodontic appliances, also remember to care for them as advised by your dentist. For example, if you are wearing Invisalign braces, remember to always take them off before eating anything and to clean your teeth before putting them on again. The merry mood around you may tempt you to skip some oral care procedures but it is important that you remain disciplined and committed all through, if you are to have a healthy mouth.

Enjoy in Moderation

The celebratory mood makes everyone want to show off their culinary skills. For most of the time, you will find yourself surrounded by a range of treats and dishes. While your first instinct may be to jump in devour every single meal displayed. The wisest thing for you to do is pullback and re-think your choices.

Sugar is the biggest culprit of many dental issues. And in order not to sound like a grinch, we are not telling you to completely avoid sugary foods but instead we are saying you go slow on them. Also, if you indulge in the sugary foods, take them in reasonable quantities and remember to brush your teeth afterwards. There are also some delicious sugarless recipes that you could make use of as an alternative. It is best to eat sweet and sugary foods during mealtime, as then you mouth produces a lot of saliva that can help neutralize the excess sugar.

We at Pacific Heights Dental Studio also advice you to be smart about your intake of acidic foods and drinks. Taking too much acidic foods will weaken you enamel overtime. To avoid this, you can use a straw to protect your teeth, drink water after an acidic treat or chew on sugar-free gums. Also avoid brushing your teeth immediately after consuming acidic foods. You need to wait at least 30 minutes.

Your Teeth Are Not Tools

When your guests are waiting for the beer and the opener is missing, kindly resist from the urge to use your teeth as an opener. Your teeth have specific functions that they need to fulfill and working as an opening tool is not one of them. If you do so, you risk breaking or chipping a tooth or even destroying any dental work you may have undergone in the past like dental fillings and crowns.

Make Healthy Choices

During Christmas there is always the pressure to stuff ourselves with everything that comes our way. In fact, it is common for people to put off their healthy habits up until the beginning of the next year. This however does not have to be the case. You can still make good and healthy choices and enjoy your Christmas. And contrary to what most people think, healthy food does not always have to be blunt in taste. There are some delicious treats that you can enjoy like cheese, cranberries, apples, almonds, sourdough bread and yoghurt.

Minimize Use of Alcohol and Cigarettes

It is okay to enjoy a drink or two, but do not over indulge. Excessive use of alcohol increases chances of gum disease. This is because alcohol dehydrates the oral cells and this gives germs and bacteria room to thrive. Smoking is also known to contribute to dryness of the mouth and should be avoided and if not, its use limited.

In case you suspect any issue with your teeth, do not wait until the holidays are over to go to the dentist for a dental exam. Our clinic is dedicated to providing you with the correct diagnosis and quality care treatment even during the Christmas holidays.

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