6 tips for whitening your teeth

6 tips for whitening your teeth

So, you want to have white teeth that add extra glow to all your social media pictures? Well, in this day and age it is not that difficult to get white teeth. What’s more important, is to have healthy teeth which can sustain pressure over a long period of time.

Pacific Heights Dental Studio has compiled a few ways you can get glowing white teeth in almost no time. Read along to know more:

Use a Tooth Whitening Toothpaste

This is one of the easiest and definitely the cheapest ways of getting white teeth. There are several toothpaste brand sold by some of the most established companies in USA, that are now selling tooth pastes with special chemicals that help your teeth turn whiter.


Another way of getting white teeth in a short period of time, is to go for veneers. Veneers cover up your teeth and help you project a more confident and whiter smile. Veneers are not that expensive and with the help of an experienced dentist, they can do wonders for you.

Bleaching the Teeth

What started as a small trick to get whiter teeth, has now become a scientific phenomenon that is helping people globally have whiter teeth. You should always visit a qualified dentist to get your teeth bleached. Avoid the DIY kits at all costs, since there are next to no clinical assurances available for them.

Laser Whitening Treatment

Yes, there are laser treatments available to clean up the plaque and deposits on your teeth. Initially, your teeth are cleaned the regular way. Then a chemical is applied on your teeth and a laser beam, incident to it, is launched. The laser heats up the chemical which ensures that all the minute layers of deposits stopping your teeth from glowing at their brightest, are eradicated with ease.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Since quite a long period of time, hydrogen peroxide has been used as an active method to get better and whiter teeth. Many experts believe that it is more effective than bleaching.

Good Oral Hygiene

Finally – coming to the good old ‘brush before each meal and floss after every brush’ rule. It still remains to be one of the best ways to get whiter teeth.

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