An Insight on How to Handle Pediatric Dental Emergencies

An Insight on How to Handle Pediatric Dental Emergencies

A medical emergency can happen at any time and you may never be able to predict them. The dental emergencies are no exception to that. If you are parents, you need to be prepared for facing any kind of oral emergency as with kids in your house you can expect anything to happen. Children are naughty and they love to play and explore the entire house which may at times put them at the risk of a dental injury or hazard.

In case there is an emergency, call your dentist in San Francisco or an emergency room as soon as possible and ask them for an appointment. However, till the time you reach the dental clinic, it is important to manage the condition such as helping your child manage the pain and bleeding. Let’s explore how you can help your child during oral emergencies.

  • Object Stuck in Teeth

This is a common dental issue faced by many kids where something gets caught between their teeth. You can try to remove it by gently flossing but avoid using any sharp object such as a knife for removing the object. If you find no success, it’s time to see the dentist.

  • Knocked Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth can put the parents in panic mode, but you must try to find the broken tooth and place it in a bowl filled with cold water or milk. Always hold the tooth from its crown and not roots. Make your child rinse their mouth with lukewarm salt water. Call the dentist and let them know that you are coming to see them with a knocked-out tooth.

  • Bitten Lip/ Tongue

If the child has bitten the tongue or lips to cause bleeding, clean the bite with water gently and use a cold compress for preventing swelling. If you feel the bite is serious, give a call to your dentist.

  • Loose Tooth

If you discover that your child has a loose tooth, it is time to get the tooth removed so that the child doesn’t accidentally swallow or inhale it.

  • Toothache

If your child is complaining of a persistent toothache, rinse their mouth with warm water and inspect the mouth. While you can use a cold compress, avoid applying heat or any kind of medication. If the pain doesn’t subside, visit the dentist.

  • Broken Jaw

This can be a critical situation where you need to call the emergency room as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can apply a cold compress for some relief. The jaw may be broken because of a blow to the head which can be life-threatening as well. It is better to see a doctor immediately.

Helpful Tips for Preventing Oral Emergencies

  • Oral Care Routine

The parents need to make their kids learn the importance of a good oral care routine. Make them brush and floss every day twice. This will help in preventing cavities and infections. It is also important to visit the dentist regularly for cleaning and examination so that any dental issue can be diagnosed and treated in time.

  • Mouthguard

The way you arrange for sports gear for your child, it is important to arrange for a mouthguard if your child is active in sports and adventure activities. This will help in preventing several dental injuries and emergencies that happen on the ground quite often. The dentist can help in offering a custom mouthguard for your kid.

  • Watch What You Chew

You need to explain to kids that only food items should get into their mouths. It is not good to chew nails, pencil and any hard objects as they can crack or chip their teeth.

  • Vitamins

Apart from offering healthy food items to your child, it is also important to see if they are getting the required vitamins from their diet and if not, give them supplements.

The dental crisis can be experienced by adults as well. Most of the first aid measures remain the same for adults as well. However, in case you are suffering from discomfort or excruciating pain after the root canal therapy or extreme sensitivity after the teeth whitening procedure, it’s time to see the dentist immediately for relief.

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