Have you recently had a dental crown or bridge placed? Considering improving your smile with a dental bridge or crowns? Not quite sure what to expect when receiving a restoration such as a crown or bridge? At Pacific Heights Dental Studio, we believe that patient education is an essential part of providing optimal dental care to our patients. When it comes to your new dental restoration, there are certainly some common things to expect, things you should be avoiding and things you should be adding to your routine. If you have any additional questions regarding your dental crowns or bridge, feel free to contact Pacific Heights Dental Studio, we’d be happy to answer your questions.

What to Expect

After a dental crown or bridge has been placed, sensitivity and discomfort may be common for a few days. Patients may also take a bit to get used to the new restoration in their mouth. If you notice any sharp edges or areas that don’t feel right, let Pacific Heights Dental Studio know. Adjustments may need to be made to your restoration to ensure that best fit.

What to Avoid

Following the placement of your restoration, we recommend avoiding any foods that may be hard, sticky or crunchy, as this can damage your new restoration. Hot or cold foods may also cause sensitivity for a few days or weeks following the placement.

Things You Should Do

Directly following the placement of your restoration, we recommend a light diet consisting of soft foods, this can help with recovery and reduce any discomfort. If you are wearing a temporary restoration, be extremely careful/gentle when flossing. Once your permanent restoration has been placed, routine care is extremely important. Although your new dental crown or bridge isn’t actually a real smile, proper at-home and professional dental care is still required. You should be brushing your smile and restoration at least twice a day (we’d honestly prefer if you did it after each meal), flossing at least once a day and scheduling routine professional dental care at least twice a year.

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