Fall In Love With Your Smile This Valentine’s Day

Fall In Love With Your Smile This Valentine’s Day

It’s important to take care of your dental health as much as you do for your overall health. With Valentine’s Day just few days apart it’s time to give your oral health some special attention. It can consist of broad possibilities such as visiting the dentist for routine examination and cleaning or getting a teeth whitening treatment.

Here’s a Look at Some Options for Making Your Smile Flawless:

  • Professional teeth whitening: a dramatic, cost-effective transformation

The professional teeth whitening are one of the cost-effective and amazing ways of changing your teeth’s appearance. The Opalescence whitening treatments remove stains more effectively as compared to the over-the-counter gels and strips which are available at the drugstore. It makes sure that you end up paying for treatments which are not effective. The dentist near CA 94115 assesses the situation of the patients and makes sure that whitening offers the desired results.

  • Dental implants: make your smile whole again

Having gaps between your teeth can be uncomfortable but they can be corrected with the help of dental implants. The implant is a small titanium post which functions as an artificial tooth root. It’s inserted in the jaw bone for replacing the missing tooth root. It’s further topped with a dental crown. Implants can also replace a series of missing teeth.

  • Dental veneers: conceal your smile imperfections

Dental veneers are one of the best ways of hiding flaws in your smile according to dentist near you. The veneers are little pieces of porcelain which are bonded to the front of the teeth for concealing discoloration, chips, worn down teeth, minor cracks, and misalignment issues.

  • Professional cleanings: routine upkeep that makes a difference

The dentist in San Francisco, CA removes plaque and tartar buildup which is accumulated on the surface of the teeth. It offers a smooth surface and enables your teeth to look and feel better. It also gives your dentist a chance to examine your mouth for any underlying issues which can be diagnosed and treated before they escalate further.

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