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Other Services We Provide

Sedation Dentistry:

When dental procedures cause extreme anxiety, we’re here to help with sedation dentistry technology

Mercury/Amalgam Removal:

Concerned by your mercury/amalgam fillings? We specialize in their removal and replacement with non-toxic materials.

Metal Free Dentistry:

We offer metal free dentistry, the latest in cutting-edge dental technology utilizing bio-compatible materials for seamless work. No discoloration or dark lines anymore.

Oral Surgery:

Oral surgeons are specialists in extensive procedures such as wisdom tooth removal and tooth extraction. Our team is here for all your oral health needs.

Inlays and Onlays:

When a filling won’t cut it and a crown is too much, inlays and onlays are the ideal solution to repairing teeth. We create custom inlays and onlays from the highest quality materials for lasting restoration.

Gum Charting/Diagnostics:

With gum charting and diagnostics, our dentists measure and monitor your gum pockets to stop gum disease in its tracks.

Dental Sealant:

Pacific Heights Dental Studio offers dental sealant technology to fill crevices and fortify your teeth against decay.

Full Mouth Reconstruction:

Full mouth reconstruction combines esthetic and restorative dentistry to completely transform your smile by replacing or rebuilding part or all of your teeth.

Dental Bonding:

Dental bonding is done to fill cracks, reshape teeth, and fill unwanted gaps for a perfect smile.

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