How Sleep Apnea Can Be Affecting Your Quality Of Life

How Sleep Apnea Can Be Affecting Your Quality Of Life

You can’t undermine the benefits of a sound sleep at night. While for some people it is very easy to fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed, for others, falling asleep or getting a sound sleep is almost a distant dream. A good sleep helps in keeping your mental and physical health functional.

However, there are millions of Americans who get affected by Sleep Apnea- OSA which comes in way of getting a good night sleep. There are chances you may not even realize that you have sleep apnea. Many people come to know about their situation only when their partner tells them about their snoring and gasping for breath which doesn’t let your partner sleep as well. OSA is a serious health condition which should not be ignored and treated in time.

What is OSA?

OSA is caused when your airway is obstructed by something during sleep. Those suffering from OSA can stop breathing as many as 70 times during an hour. This interrupts the sleep and the person wakes up exhausted. Lack of sleep usually impacts their mental and physical health.

What are the symptoms of OSA?

The symptoms vary from person to person. While some people gasp for breath when they stop breathing, others snore loudly. Some people are vulnerable to developing sleep apnea simply because they are overweight especially if they have extra weight in area around their neck, they consume alcohol, have deviated septum, suffer from certain medical condition or take certain medicine. Even after spending several hours in bed, people wake up exhausted.

How can OSA be treated?

There are several ways you can treat OSA. One of the common ways is using CPAP machine during sleep. Some people may find it like an ordeal to use the machine and avoid it completely. Factually speaking, an oral appliance may be all that the person needs for keeping the airway unobstructed during sleep at night. OSA can be treated and in no way should it be taken lightly once when you get an idea about your condition.

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