Gum Disease Treatment in San Francisco, CA

The way the periodontal disease is treated depends on the severity and of the condition. Your hygienist and dentist will check for signs of gum disease and recommend the most effective course of action.

Gum Disease Treatment in San Francisco, CA

As the pockets between teeth and gums fill with plaque, bacteria, and tartar, the soft tissue becomes irritated and inflamed. If these irritants are not removed, the disease will progress by damaging the gums and causing tooth and bone loss over time.

If gum disease is discovered in the initial stages (gingivitis) the symptoms can be reversed in one or two professional dental cleanings. Your San Francisco dentist will provide home dental care instructions on how to improve your oral hygiene and urge you to keep up with a routine dentist visit.

Gum Disease Treatment Near Me

If gingivitis is allowed to progress to periodontitis, a deep periodontal cleaning will be recommended. Scaling and root planing is usually performed on one section of the mouth at a time. During the scaling procedure, the quadrant is numbed, and plaque, tartar, bacteria, and toxins are removed from above and below the gum line. Planing smoothes out rough spots on root surfaces. Scaling and root planning in San Francisco can both be used both as a stand-alone treatment or a preventative measure. If your gum disease has already progressed to periodontitis, then root planing and scaling will help keep the condition under control. Gum disease treatment in San Francisco helps the soft tissues of the mouth heal and deep gum pockets to shrink. To promote healing and help manage the infection special mouth rinses, medications, and an electric toothbrush may be recommended If the gum pockets respond well to scaling and root planing, you might need periodontal surgery to shorten pocket depths for easier cleaning.

San Francisco Gum Disease Treatment

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