Root Canal Therapy in San Francisco, CA

Root canal therapy is a common endodontic treatment that is performed to save a badly diseased tooth. When a severe infection or decay reaches the inner chamber of a tooth and affects the nerve, a root canal therapy is needed to remove the living contents inside the tooth. The pulp, nerves, and all signs of infection or decay are taken out to restore mouth function and oral health.

Root Canal Therapy in San Francisco

Signs you might need root canal therapy in San Francisco, CA:

  • An abscess an on the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Swelling or tenderness

Some patients experience no symptoms at all.

Why patients get root canal therapy in San Francisco:

  • Severe tooth decay that has spread to the pulp
  • Inner tooth or root tip infection, or an abscess inside the tooth
  • Dental trauma or tooth injury

Root Canal Treatment Near Me

One or more visits are required to complete root canal treatment. The procedure can be performed by your San Francisco dentist or an endodontist.

First, the treatment area is numbed, then a rubber dam is placed around the infected tooth to keep it free of saliva and dry. On top of the top, a small opening is made a series of files are placed inside, one at a time, to remove the pulp, bacteria and the tooth nerve. If the tooth is decayed, a special tool will be used to remove the damage. Afterward, the area is cleaned thoroughly, packed with filling material and sealed.

All teeth that are treated with root canal therapy should be capped with a dental crown. The restoration will provide strength to the weakened tooth structure and help restore full function.

Aftercare instructions will be provided after each visit. Proper oral hygiene habits and regular dental checkups will help extend the life of your treated tooth.

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