Stop The Painful Cycle Of Stress & TMJ Disorder

Stop The Painful Cycle Of Stress & TMJ Disorder

TMJ pain is not only uncomfortable but it also interferes with your life and affects your routine. This can lead to buildup of stress which further worsens the TMJ symptoms.

Here’s a Look at Some Information on TMJ That You Must Know:

  • TMJ Disorder Shouldn’t Go Untreated

Below each of the ear is located the hinge called Temporomandibular joint, which is also known as TMJ. When the TMJ works properly, you can yawn, chew, speak, and laugh without any discomfort and pain. However, when the TMJ begins to shift, you begin to experience discomfort such as painful headaches, earache, lock jaw, as well as stiffness in your jaw, neck, and shoulders. These symptoms are a sign that you need medical help for treating TMJ disorder says dentist in CA 94115.

  • Teeth Grinding & Jaw Clenching Only Make It Worse

Teeth grinding and clenching which is also known as Bruxism is when you grind your lower and upper teeth together. It happens at night during sleep so you may not be aware of the same. This can worsen the symptoms of TMJ as you are not able to control Bruxism which may be causing you the TMJ disorder.

  • The Miserable Cycle Created By Stress & TMJ

We often clench the jaw and grind our teeth when angry, stressed, or frustrated. The grinding creates pain and muscle tension in the jaw. The pain and tension again makes you feel stressed. This is an endless cycle which only makes the TMJ disorder worst. This can be put to an end by consulting the dentist who can offer right treatment.

  • Surprisingly Simple TMJ Solutions

If the reason behind your TMJ disorder is the grinding issues or the bite alignment issues, the dentist can offer really simple solutions. The grinding and clenching are done unknowingly when you are asleep so you can opt for customized mouth guard to wear at night. This is an effective way of keeping the lower and upper teeth separated when you are sleeping so that the TMJ pain and symptoms are not aggravated.

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