Would You Prefer To Display Your Smile With Dental Bonding Or Show off Your Chipped Or Cracked Teeth?

Would You Prefer To Display Your Smile With Dental Bonding Or Show off Your Chipped Or Cracked Teeth?

If you want to improve your appearance you will find it helpful to have a brilliant smile in your possession. This may be difficult if you have cracked, chipped, stained, decayed or simply uneven teeth which make it difficult for you to flash a brilliant smile. While you may consider it difficult to rectify your deficiencies you can take heart that cosmetic dentistry can repair these dental flaws. Among the various dental procedures that are currently popular dental bonding is taking the lead. The procedure is accomplished by attaching a tooth-colored resin plastic material to your teeth for hiding the ungainly cracks and stains which are preventing you from smiling brilliantly.

Who Conducts Procedures of Dental Bonding?

You will need to contact your dentist for the dental bonding you need. Dental bonding in San Francisco is offered by leading dentists that are experienced and capable of giving you the smile you always desired. It will mean spending some additional funds for the consultation but the results you achieve will be invaluable. Therefore, you are recommended to have a consultation with the dentist to understand whether dental bonding is the best procedure suitable for you.

How Is The Procedure Of Dental Bonding Conducted?

The dentist conducting the dental bonding in San Francisco will initially prepare your teeth for the procedure. You will be required to remain patient during the procedure because your dentist will be filling up any cavities, filing the teeth roughen them up, choosing the right shade of resin before applying it to the teeth to be molded as required. The resin is capable of remaining soft even when it is left to dry for a lengthy period.

Technological advances have given dentists the capability of using ultraviolet light to harden the resin within seconds. This ensures you do not have to spend an entire day undergoing this procedure because it can be accomplished in approximately 45 minutes for every tooth. The finishing touches will be applied by the dentist by polishing the teeth. The entire procedure for dental bonding can be accomplished in a single appointment.

Why Dental Bonding Should Be Preferred Over Other Dental Procedures?

Currently, several dental procedures are available to repair teeth for giving you a bright smile. However, among the various procedures available dental bonding is the only one which is inexpensive when the success rate of the bonding is considered. Other procedures to improve the smile such as dental implants are complicated and time-consuming. If you prefer dental bonding over other procedures you will be investing in a brilliant smile at an affordable price by eliminating the complications involved.

You will be required to have more enamel scraped off your teeth if you chose dental crowns or composite veneers. On the contrary, dental bonding only requires a small amount of enamel scraped from your teeth to make the surface of your teeth rough. The roughening up is just to make the application of the resin easier. You will not be administered anesthesia because of the minor nature of the procedure.

Dental bonding is not as resistant to stains as crowns and veneers which you may consider is a disadvantage. However, this is a better option because it gives your repaired teeth a more natural appearance over time. Dental bonding is artificially whitened and therefore the stains will not stand out as other teeth naturally.

Caring for your oral hygiene should be something you should be concerned about. Procedures like dental bonding despite being available to improve your smile will receive all the help they need if you practice proper oral hygiene. You must brush and floss twice a day and remember to visit your dentist regularly for examinations and cleanings as it is the best way to ensure your smile remains in place after investing time and money to improve it.

Having crooked or chipped teeth can lower your self-esteem and confidence because you will be unable to smile in front of your friends or colleagues. The choice about whether you want to undergo procedures like having dental implants or veneers is entirely at your discretion. However, if costs are also a concern you will undoubtedly prefer the procedure of dental bonding over any other to hide your chipped and cracked teeth.

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